Saturday, August 20, 2016

Carole's 1949 Estate Auction

According to Carole's will she wanted all of her possessions to be given to her mother. Unfortunately Carole had a lot of debts when she died and her creditors wanted to be paid. Her estranged husband Horace Schmidlapp also demanded that he get a large part of the estate. When Carole died her bank  only had $412 in it. Her Pacific Palisades home, located at 1465 Capri Drive, was sold for $67,000. After all the lawyers and creditors were paid the estate was still in debt. Carole's family was forced to auction off her most of her belongings.

In March of 1949 an auction was held at the Lewis S. Hart gallery. Carole's white satin bed, her platinum engagement ring, and her collection of eleven fur coats were among the items being sold. Her mother Clara and sister Dorothy bid on some of the items so they could keep them in the family. More than 1600 of Carole's fans attended the two week auction. Her topaz ring sold for $1,250 and a cigarette lighter sold for $75. Carole's mother weeped as strangers bought these deeply personal items. She said "It's a shame to see the things she loved being sold to strangers."

Monday, August 15, 2016


Carole adored her fans and never turned down an autograph request. She usually personalized her autographs and often added the greeting "Happiness Always". Here are some authentic autographs ...

Signed to Shirley Baxter, President of Carole's fan club

A wedding photo with Tommy Wallace

A signed photo release form


Saturday, August 13, 2016

Noose (The Silk Noose)

In 1948 Carole starred in the murder mystery Noose (also known as The Silk Noose). It was filmed in England. She plays Linda Medbury, an American reporter who investigates a racketeer. The cast includes Joseph Calleia, Derek Farr, and Ruth Nixon. Noose was the final film Carole made before her death. You can watch the entire movie here ...


With Derek Farr and Joseph Calleia

Thursday, August 11, 2016

A Scandal In Paris

In 1946 Carole starred in the historical drama A Scandal In Paris. Carole is Loretta, a sexy showgirl who is hopelessly in love with a criminal in the early 1800's. Fox loaned her to United Artists to make the movie. George Sanders plays the charming thief Francois Eugene Vidocq who steals Loretta's ruby garter and breaks her heart. The cast includes Signe Hasso, Gene Lockhart, and Akim Tamiroff. In the film Carole gives a sultry performance singing "Flame Song". Censors almost cut that scene because at the beginning of the song she appears to be nude behind a screen. A Scandal In Paris was directed by Douglas Sirk. The costumes were designed by Norma Koch who became one of Carole's good friends.


Filming started on October 8, 1945 and ended on November 26. In October 1945 United Artists threw a party to promote A Scandal In Paris. The studio also sent perfumed garters to two hundred reporters. On November 14, 1945 a stalker broke into Carole's dressing room and tried to attack her. The man was arrested and sent to a mental institution. A Scandal In Paris was released on July 19, 1946. The tag line for the movie was "Every man has his price...and every woman pays it". It's original title was "The Story of Vidocq" and in England it was called "Thieves' Holiday". A Scandal In Paris was one of the biggest hits of Carole's career. Although she only had a supporting role many critics said it was her finest performance.

With Signe Hasso and George Sanders

With George Sanders